Tuesday, December 2, 2008

doctor's office...

i was in the lab
waiting for my blood to be drawn
the door opened.
a sweet, engaging little boy,
four or five,
bounded in with his young,
beautiful, panicked mother and
grandmother following.
our eyes met, the mother’s and mine.
something registered in me.
she seemed fearful.

it is instinctual. the unspoken
bond mothers share. a private
club whose membership only
requires a mother with love and compassion
for all children, everywhere.

the child’s name was called.
i got it! once again, our eyes locked,
and I prayed she could sense my
compassion. and I nodded understanding.

the lab consisted of tiny cubicles
separated by their curtains.
i was called next, and before they
could find a vein in my arm
loud sobs empted in the next cubicle.

no mommy! mommy, please!!
terrified screams. wailing.

as a mother of four, i had
been here many times.

my blood was drawn.
i started to leave, the child
still sobbing. i stopped. still.
opening my purse, i saw a five dollar bill.
i turned back to where the child was.
in his mother’s arms, still sobbing.
with no invitation, i walked in and
took his small hand. put the five dollars
in his palm, and closed his fingers around it.

you are a very brave, little boy!
buy a treat. whatever you
like. and i kissed his fingers.
he smiled, and i walked out.

such an amazing day.
i had not noticed how clear
the sky was. a cool breeze in
my hair, on my face.
two mothers, orchestrated by
God’s hand, had crossed
paths at the same
moments. something taller
than the sky, majestic…beautiful…
had transpired.

one simple day.
a few moments.
a child and his adoring
mother. an idea from God
that i happened to catch.
the sun crossed our faces.

beautiful God.
tears wiped away.
a bond formed
with hardly a word

dance with me.
party! because love lives.
love changes everything.
God promises.