Wednesday, February 24, 2010

behind every face,
there is a story.
no, many stories.

we do not know
where on the journey
of life, people are.

i was casually browsing
through nordstrom's.
san francisco. with a
special friend. wanting to
look at the costume jewelry.
just for fun.

there was a pair of earrings
similar to ones that someone
gave me and got ruined. on sale
clear down to $14. my face warmed.
$14?! i could manage $14.

a perky, young girl.
maybe in her 20's.
excuse me. is this price correct?

let me ask my manager.
returning, she said you have
even a better deal. the price has
been dropped to $9. usually, we
never sell anything this reduced in
price, but the manager said you can
have them. $9.

my eyes were large.
heart beating.

i don't know if you are a
spiritual person, but i know God
brought me straight to you. you
were the sales girl that approached

her visual look turned cold.
only her eyes betrayed her.
i was not deterred.

God didn't send me to you to
tell you to change. to shape
you up. chastise you. almost
whispering, i said, oh, no!

Jesus wants me to tell you
that He loves you and REALLY
cares. i don't know what is
happening in your private life,
but Jesus sent me to say it
will be alright. He is working
on it.

tears began to gather
in the corners of her eyes.
her face softened.

an ordinary day.
a sales' clerk at nordstrom's.
a giant God of the entire universe.
His vast love and compassion.

don't preach.
give people hope.
touch them where they
are. plant a seed of love
where it can sprout. let the
world know they REALLY
matter to God. somehow,
bring Jesus to their level.
it is ALL about love.

it is just a warm smile.
telling someone they are
beautiful. a hug. people
are starved for connection,

fragile wonder.
vast open sky.
breeze on our skin.
glorious world.
amazing, glorious God.
a song across the meadows.

Jesus lives,
and that is EVERYTHING.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

as tall and proud
as a towering palm tree.
stretching toward the sky.

as majestic as a mountain
standing against all obstacles
in its praise to a creative God.
not even man can call to it. it will
not shiver or blur in magnificance.

the sun that slides so quickly.
below the curve of the horizon.
rising or setting, its radiance fills the earth
with glory.

and the ocean.
pounding surf.
singing its own melody.
doing its majestic dance.

so is the Solid Rock
of our salvation. Jesus.
Redeemer. Creator. Lover
of our souls.

He calls us to join the
march. be soldiers. straight.
strong. unwavering
in our "yes" to Him.

do you understand
the wilderness?
screaming? sweating? hoping?
begging? yearning? lost?
alone? destitute? feeling forsaken?

God! where are You?!!
abandoning me?
kicking me off the team?
i am not good enough?! yet

YES! to reaching our arms
around His neck. hanging on.
to believing against all odds
that some day. some way.
God's strong arm will pull
us out of the shadows of
torment that have twisted our faith,

we will NOT be moved.
we will NOT give in.
the enemy cannot defeat us.

even as steady as
the sun to rise and set
each day, so
our eyes and hearts
are cast on you, Lord.

we are WARRIORS!
and all God has in this
bitter, lost world.

life is a marathon.
rhythmic with the eternal
God of the universe.

you WILL
laugh again.
your patience will build perseverance.
a sign you are ready
for your next mission.

dance, world. dance.
the Light of Glory
will come to us again.


"Consider it pure joy, my brothers,
whenever you face trials of many kinds,
because you know that the testing of your faith
develops perseverance.
Perseverance must finish its work
so that you may be mature and complete,
not lacking anything."
James 1:2-4 (NIV)