Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"trust in the Lord with ALL
your heart: do not depend on
your own understanding.
seek His will in all you do, and
He will direct your path."
proverbs 3:5-6 new living translation.

oh, Jesus, sing.
i need to hear the music.
of all the millions who have gone
before me. who have embraced
Your heart. and seen You in all Your

Jesus, sing your songs
of deliverance. pound out
the keys of victory and triumph.
always room for one more. always
room at the foot of the Cross.

i am a woman.
a single mother of four.
a recovering addict of pain
pills and addiction. broken
and twisted by my own insecuri-
ties. my willful bent toward perfection.
sing to me, Jesus. sing.

"oh, cleansing Stream...
i see, i see, i plunge, and
oh, It cleanses me."
i dive into the warmth of Your
Presence. yearn to be pure.
yes, Jesus, pure.

we are warriors.
dishelvelled by insecurity
and human rebellion.
but i march.
one. two. three.
blistered by boots that rub
against my bruised ankles of
self and pity.

yes, i am a sinner. saved by Grace.
the pulsing heart of Jesus. stretched
across the rugged Cross. Your torture
for our sins. oh, beautiful, amazing
Cross. arise, you who doubt.

yes, Jesus, sing for us.
we are listening for the
strains from Heaven. music
of victory over defeat.
yes, Jesus, sing.