Tuesday, December 2, 2008

doctor's office...

i was in the lab
waiting for my blood to be drawn
the door opened.
a sweet, engaging little boy,
four or five,
bounded in with his young,
beautiful, panicked mother and
grandmother following.
our eyes met, the mother’s and mine.
something registered in me.
she seemed fearful.

it is instinctual. the unspoken
bond mothers share. a private
club whose membership only
requires a mother with love and compassion
for all children, everywhere.

the child’s name was called.
i got it! once again, our eyes locked,
and I prayed she could sense my
compassion. and I nodded understanding.

the lab consisted of tiny cubicles
separated by their curtains.
i was called next, and before they
could find a vein in my arm
loud sobs empted in the next cubicle.

no mommy! mommy, please!!
terrified screams. wailing.

as a mother of four, i had
been here many times.

my blood was drawn.
i started to leave, the child
still sobbing. i stopped. still.
opening my purse, i saw a five dollar bill.
i turned back to where the child was.
in his mother’s arms, still sobbing.
with no invitation, i walked in and
took his small hand. put the five dollars
in his palm, and closed his fingers around it.

you are a very brave, little boy!
buy a treat. whatever you
like. and i kissed his fingers.
he smiled, and i walked out.

such an amazing day.
i had not noticed how clear
the sky was. a cool breeze in
my hair, on my face.
two mothers, orchestrated by
God’s hand, had crossed
paths at the same
moments. something taller
than the sky, majestic…beautiful…
had transpired.

one simple day.
a few moments.
a child and his adoring
mother. an idea from God
that i happened to catch.
the sun crossed our faces.

beautiful God.
tears wiped away.
a bond formed
with hardly a word

dance with me.
party! because love lives.
love changes everything.
God promises.


DebShea said...

Dear Ann,

Welcome back! You have been missed! How wonderful to see you are writing again!!! I'm excited for you! I think I am the very first to sign your blog (I've never done blogging before).

I loved your story! It was beautiful, warm and touching and so real!

Ann, I misplaced your address. Please email me and I'll be able to write again.

God loves you and I love you and that's the way it should be?

Jesus loves you and so do I,

Debbie Shea

sbrani@comcast.net said...

So good to read your inspiring words again, Ann. God continues to shine through you brightly. May you be given just the words to share on this blog. blessings, sharon

flutemom said...

found my way here through the blogpokes post, or something. anyway, your thoughts touch the empty spots in my heart once again, as they did when i first read your books back in the mid-70's. so glad you will be blogging and sharing jesus with your online world, as well as in your daily life with those you see in person. i'm so sorry to hear of will's death, and your struggles with perfectionism and approval from others. i still struggle with those feelings myself. i am so looking forward to reading your writings here on your blog. thank you, thank you, thank you!
hugs and tears,

BonBon said...

Dear Ann,
I've waited a long time to hear from you again. I've been looking for you for years! So thrilled that you're back! God is so good - I just KNEW that you'd be sharing what He's done for you these many years. I can't wait to hear your testimonies to His faithfulness. Our world desperately needs to hear you again!
Bonnie C.

mackhelmer said...

Hi Ann,
thanks for sharing your awesome story. Your gift for writing shines throughout the blog. I am so glad that you have found another way to share your gift with others. Stay the course and Happy New Year!
Mark Helm

Anonymous said...

Ann, I too have periodically searched for you on the internet to see what the latest updates were... your blessed ministry has continued unabated (Praise God!) even as you were resting out of the spotlight... My own struggles with infertility and my anger at God found some peace afte reading your book Taste of Tears Touch Of God, but part of me was bitter that you were able to adopt, and ultimately become a parent (a dream and longing that eludes me still today). I am thrilled to see you with an online presence; and I have sent you a link to Facebook, where you can reach out (free of charge!) to fellow Christians and they can interact with you. (Folks like Billy Graham, Beth Moore, Joel Osteen etc. all have a prescence on Facebook FYI) May God continue to bless you, and your family, and your ministry (resurrected!)

sali said...

Welcome back Ann!!! It's so good to see you, at last, on the internet! Life s brighter with you shining in it!! Thanks for holding the candle up so He can light your way. Thanks for sharing your talent again with us.

I'm praying for you!


carolines100 said...

My dear Ann,

You are all of us. Thank You

Cindy said...

Dear Ann,

i just found your blog and am so thrilled! I am starting at the beginning to catch up with your life and your boys' lives. I have loved your books for years and it is so exciting to see you writing again. I have thought about your family, wonderd how you were doing, and periodically checked online to see if you had a new book (which is how I found this blog.) It is like catching up with an old friend! :)!!!!!

barb said...

Wow! I just found your blog a day ago or so! I'm going to start from the begining and read forward. I love your words they speak directly to my heart. Thanks